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New Parkinson's Boxing Location

I realize that there is so much uncertainty with life right now and adding another change isn't ideal.  However, Beth, Jess, and I are realizing the limitations of trying to teach classes in our current space.  In brainstorming ideas to make the changes needed to adopt to exercise in this climate one option was to search for bigger space.  Once I toured this space it was a no brainer!!

Here's why!

-It's 7000 square feet!  We will be subletting from an established business, Float and Sting Boxing, that has just moved to new larger space.  We won't have to share the space either.  When we are running classes, the entire space is ours.

-It's about as centrally located as possible.  565 Blossom Rd Suite E (corner of Blossom and Winton across from Artisan Works)

-Tons of parking close to the building.

-There are 18 heavy bags all hanging 6 feet apart.  In addition to the space for the bags, there is large open wall space, a huge turf section, and what feels like miles of open floor space to spread out and get even more creative with our workouts.

-In addition, this space has Locker rooms, a large waiting room area, professional cleaning, and those fancy COVID filtering filters in the HVAC system.

-Did I mention it's 7000 sq feet all to ourselves!!!!

We get that this might not be as convenient as the 2 suburban locations for some of you.  However, with all this space can offer the program I couldn't pass it up.  Consolidating to one location makes more sense for Wellness 360 at this time too.  We know many of you still have concerns about working out in a group setting.  Running two small classes simultaneously on both sides of town doesn't make as much sense as consolidating to one central location.

Here are the rest of the important details:

We will begin at the new location 565 Blossom Rd, Suite E on 10/19

Schedule as follows:

Level 1/2 M/W/F 10-11

Level 3/4 W 11:15-12:15

There is availability to add Tuesday and Thursday classes right away if there is a demand for it.  

Zoom is NOT going away!

We are swapping out Thursday boxing for a strengthening class (specifically focused on improving bone density with weight-bearing exercise!)  Otherwise, there are no changes to your zoom options.

Small Groups 

I am hoping you will come to class instead of the scheduled small groups.  It gives you more flexibility and I think you will find we are even more spaced out than you are in the small groups.  Happy to discuss on an individual basis and schedule small groups if that is your preference.

Relationship with GVPT

No changes here!  If you are seeing myself or Jess through GVPT or self-paying for an individual session we will continue those at both GVPT locations.  


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