Day #17: Journal your way to a happier you!

The last time I tried to journal, I was in middle school. It was a Hello Kitty diary with a small lock. I would write about my day to my latest boy crush. When I decided to start a journal as an adult, I was skeptical. What do I write? Is this going to make a difference? Well, to my surprise, it was one of the most freeing things I have ever done. I found that writing down my frustrations of the past, or my future anxieties somehow brought them into the present moment. When my worries were on paper, they seemed much smaller and more manageable. There are multiple benefits to keeping a journal:

  1. Brings clarity to your thoughts

  2. Allows you to gain self-knowledge

  3. Help find solutions to problems

  4. Releases strong emotions

  5. Help keep your focus on gratitude

Gratitude journal: List 3-5 things that you are grateful for in your day. There are certain days when nothing seems positive. Think superficial, "The sun is shining," "I have warm running water." Dig deep, there are always things to be grateful for. This is a great way to relieve stress by focusing your thoughts on the positive aspects of your day. If you are having a bad day, just grab your journal and review the previous days. It is a quick way to remind yourself of your blessings, no matter what your current circumstance.

Freestyle journal: When life seems to be getting the best of you, grab your journal, and write. Anything goes...just write. Let it all out, no judgments. Try to be descriptive with your emotions. Do not hold back. When you are done you can review it or trash it. Putting your thoughts on paper allows you to get the heart of the issue by filtering your emotions from the facts. This is a great way to self reflect, process and make positive changes.

Dream journal: You can start with writing your dreams at night. Dream themes can provide an insight into your most important thoughts and concerns in real life. You could write the dreams you have in life. Putting your dreams on paper gives them a place to root.

  1. Here is some fun journal prompts to get you started.

  2. I am grateful for...

  3. A word of advice for the younger me...

  4. The most important priorities I have this week...

  5. I am having a hard time with...

  6. True happiness means ….

  7. I love the sound of...

  8. What scares me the most...

  9. If today were my last day, I want you to know this...

  10. Today I am facing... and I feel...

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