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30 Day Challenge to a healthier YOU!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Are you ready to start feeling better, both physically and mentally? Wellness 360 wants to support your journey to a healthier YOU! We realize that true health and wellness is more than just exercise. True health and wellness pillars are multi-dimensional. It includes making small changes in your life for your mind and body! We believe that education is power! We have put together 30 days worth of small changes you can make in your life to promote balance and true health! We are midway through the challenge. It is never too late to start! You can start right here to catch up! We will add the new steps as the weeks unfold. We are so happy to be taking this journey with you! Remember, it takes small steps to get significant results! Just click on the day to read the challenge.

Define your Priorities

Meditate Daily

Trigger point massage

Mindful Walking

Start a bedtime routine

Yoga Sequencing

Box your way to a healthier YOU

Unplug an hour a day

Making the most of your workout

Morning stretching routine

Good bye sugar

Improve your posture at work

4-7-8 breathing technique for stress reduction

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Strong a chair

Eat for your bone health

Journal your way to a healthier you

Stretch out those hips

Mindful eating

Change your perspective

Eat your veggies

Detox the negativity

Rest and recover with your breath

Do something you LOVE today

Eat your fats

Pack your lunch

Improve your balance

Choose kindness

Strong muscles = strong bones

Get your Vit D


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